Stephanie Occhipinti


Landing Page Design

I have ideated and designed multiple landing pages for Career Group Companies. These pages were designed with branding and storytelling top-of-mind, as well as an effort to drive conversion rates. 

Company: Career Group Companies

Role: Mock-up design, layouts, image sourcing, and SEO friendly copywriting

I designed and wrote SEO copy for the SBTech Landing Page. SBTech is a specialized team of tech and go-to-market recruiters within Syndicatebleu -- a boutique creative recruiting firm. 

The team wanted a dedicated page to show growth-stage and venture-backed tech clients that they know good, modern design. The challenge of this design was to find something that blended into our existing site design, something more corporate and traditional, but also helped the team stand out as a player in the tech and startup space. We used variations of the existing Syndicatebleu colors and fonts, but with new, modern, and playful layouts.