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about me

I am a New York based actor, writer, singer, and producer with a strong interest in comedy, musical theatre, and new works that bring communities together.

Occhipinti is an Italian name, it means painted eyes and never fails to confuse those seeing it for the first time. In Italy, they would pronounce it oh-key-pinti but here we've always said ahh-cue-pinti. Dealer's choice.


I was born to a big family - half Jewish, half Italian - and raised on the Jersey Shore where I defied stereotypes and seldom went to the beach. Instead, I spent summers getting pale in community theater rehearsals.


I graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Acting from Boston University, with a concentration in Music Theater and a minor in Arts Leadership.

After graduation, I co-founded Amateur Hour - a theatre collective creating opportunities for women in comedy. We produced the first ever all-female production of Gutenberg! The Musical! and went on to write and produce several sketch comedy shows, and have been featured acts in both the She Makes Me Laugh Festival and NYC's SketchFest.

Current City  New York, NY

photos by Jessica Osber

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