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Stephanie Occhipinti


Blog Writing

Weekly blogs are published to the Career Group Companies website to establish brand authority through thought-leadership and SEO-rich content. 

Company: Career Group Companies

Role: Copywriter, SEO, and Copy Editor

Blog writing on topics of professional life, career growth, diversity, workplace trends, and more.

As the communications lead, I was tasked with writing 1-2 blogs every week to elevate our brand's authority on subjects of hiring, interviewing, and more.

With divisions spanning fashion, creative, corporate, and events -- the blog tone and style would change quite a bit depending on the subject. Each division of Career Group Companies had a unique voice and audience, which made creating ever-green blog content fun! 

Informed by keyword research, I was given creative license to write about whatever was trending in the market. We partnered with an SEO agency, so my work also involved heavy copy editing on pieces written by a third party. All below blog posts were written and edited by me. 

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