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Newsletters & Reports

Long-form newsletters and reports require research, strong copywriting, interesting layouts to help convey information in an attractive way, and a feeling of exclusivity - the knowledge that you can't find this information anywhere else.

Company: Career Group Companies

Role: Research, content writer, layout and graphic designer 

The Market Trend Report


Every year, Career Group Companies releases a Market Trend Report. 

It contains industry insight, hiring market trends, and salary benchmarks for a range of relevant positions. 


The report serves a dual purpose:


1. To provide loyal clients with resources to develop a winning hiring strategy.

2. To generate new leads through gated content on social and on the company's website.


As the creative and content lead on this project two years in a row, I was responsible for:

  • Interviewing dozens of top recruiters to get their take on the current hiring landscape.

  • Organizing emerging trends and data

  • Writing the content of the final report

  • Design and composition

The goal is to present data, trends, and salary benchmarks in a visually appealing way -- telling a clear story of today's employment market. We've received amazing feedback from industry-leading clients and Hiring Managers on the quality of this report, and it was one of my favorite projects to work on!

Client-facing Newsletters


As part of a new initiative and piggy-backing off the success of our Market Trend Report, the Marketing team at Career Group Companies curated Client-facing Quarterly Newsletters.


Quarterly Newsletters serve to:

1. Provide Clients with continual meaningful, educational, and relevant resources throughout the year

2. Establish Career Group Companies recruiters as experts in our field and thought-leaders


As the creative and content lead on this project, I was responsible for:

  • Researching market trends and hiring statistic

  • Conducting surveys with our top recruiters and candidates


    Writing and editing the Newsletter content

  • Design, layout, and composition

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