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Site Copy and ToFu Marketing Content

Site copy is written with conversion top-of-mind, while top-of-funnel content is written to drive awareness through education and thought leadership. In all projects, I utilize SEO best practices to drive performance.

Site Copy

I have managed large-scale website redesigns and helped small business owners build websites from the ground up. In any project, my goal is twofold: 

  • Refine brand voice through copy

  • Strategically drive conversion through transparent, easy-to-understand messaging


Below is a landing page mockup for an emerging tech platform – Crafted. Their target audience is both homeowners searching for licensed contractors, and contractors hoping to advertise their services. This was delivered as a sample product service page.

Designed in Webflow.

Untitled design (42).png

Site build: small law firm site build

A small family law firm (my father's – if you recognize that last name) had virtually zero web presence. Starting small, we created a simple web page that could build credibility.

Site Refresh: Career Group Companies

Career Group Companies already had an established brand, but their site was outdated and stale. Site copy was carefully selected by leadership, but failed to convert. By retaining the elevated brand voice, but introducing SEO best practices, performance and conversion improved by over 200% in just one month.


Top-of-funnel Marketing Content

These include blogs, brand awareness campaigns, SEO-driven landing pages, and educational resources. 


Landing page:

Hire an Administrative Assistant

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Brand Awareness Video:

Why Career Group Companies

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Interview Guide for Job Seekers

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How to Identify a Great Candidate

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