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Image by Karsten Winegeart

Social Media Management

Experience managing organic social strategy and calendars for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Experience creating and managing paid social campaigns for Instagram/Meta and LinkedIn.

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Since I took over social media strategy and management, Career Group Companies' 8 social channels saw the below metric increases YoY.

Instagram Post Impressions +427% and Profile Reach +460% YoY

Accomplished through reel content, a focus on relatable office culture content, savable resources for job seekers, and a consistent posting schedule.

Instagram Website Taps/Conversions +349% YoY

I focused our strategy on driving users from Instagram to our website to apply for jobs through sharing exclusive, high-end job listings weekly, teasers for blog content, and by positioning us as a destination for helpful job seeker resources.

LinkedIn ​Post Impressions +865K, Post Engagement Rate + 17.3%, and Post Clicks + 329%

As a professional services B2B firm, LinkedIn was ourmost important social channel. Through a combination of Paid Brand Awareness Campaigns, Lead Generation Campaigns, and Organic Strategy, we focused on consistency, helpful content, downloadable white pages, and resources for job seekers. 


Calendar Planning

An example of an Instagram grid layout I created to align with evolving company branding. The goal here was to create a more cohesive look for our grid as a landing page for our brand, with individual posts that would drive conversion and interest from job seekers. 


2023 Marketing Strategy_edited.jpg

Reels and TikTok Videos

Under my direction, my team and I created a wide variety of reels to further engage our audience, both sharing unique job-related insights and telling our story as a close-knit, family-operated brand.

Paid LinkedIn Campaigns

I created all assets (design and copy) and actively managed ad performance in Campaign Manager.

Brand Awareness

Goal:  To build curiosity about our brand and position ourselves as an exclusive, high-end recruiting firm. The ultimate goal was to increase web traffic, generate new web inquiries, and increase job applications. 

30-Day Results (Small budget campaign):

  • 31,325 Ad Impressions

  • 219 Clicks

  • $11 Average CPC

Lead Gen

Goal:  To gain quality leads for business development staff + to offer valuable content to industry leaders and hiring managers, positioning our brand as thought leaders and market experts. 

30-Day Results (Example from 1 campaign group):

  • 31,325 Ad Impressions

  • 219 Clicks

  • $11 Average CPC

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