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Stephanie Occhipinti

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Social Media Management

I manage the social media channels for recruiting firm Career Group Companies, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

Company: Career Group Companies

Role: Content Management, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Reporting and Analytics, Audience Engagement

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Instagram content interactions +178% MoM

We achieved this by posting more human-centric posts, over generic stock photos or unrelatable graphics.

Instagram accounts reached +48% MoM

To engage with our audiences even further, we started sharing more reels and video content.

Our first reel was viewed 4,479 times, our most viral reel was viewed 16.2K times with a follower count of only 2,790

LinkedIn Page Views +54%, +34%, +75%, +16%, and +36% 90 day change

Through Paid Employer Branding, we were able to increase quality page views, which led to more job applicants for our recruiting teams.

LinkedIn Reactions and Engagement +81% 90 day change

On LinkedIn, Polls lead to the highest engagement. We tailor our poll questions to fit the brand and audience while keeping them open-ended to inspire conversation. We also use poll data for further social media ideation and content creation.

Calendar Planning

An example of a new Instagram grid layout to align with evolving company branding. The goal here was to create a more streamlined look for our grid as a one-stop-shop for job seeker tips and a way to immediately convey our company's brand since most of our engagement happens on stories. 

IG Mockup (1).png

Instagram Video & Reels

Using a combination of stock videos and content captured by our team, we created a wide variety of reels to further engage our audience, both sharing unique job-related insights and telling our story as a close-knit, family-operated brand!

Video Stories

LinkedIn Content

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Created for Fourth Floor, the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle division of Career Group Companies

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Created for Career Group Companies, a high-end recruiting firm

New Year, New Job, New You

New Year, New Job, New You

New Year's Campaign for Career Group Companies

LinkedIn Career Group Poll

LinkedIn Career Group Poll

A viral poll on LinkedIn which saw 61,524 Impressions, 1,791 Engagements, and 41 comments

Featured Jobs

Featured Jobs

Created for Syndicatebleu, the creative, tech, and marketing recruiting division of Career Group Companies

Lead the way.

Lead the way.

Branding Campaign for Career Group Search, the executive search division of Career Group Companies

40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

The 40th Anniversary graphic and campaign created for Career Group Companies in celebration of four decades of success

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