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Screenwriting Samples

I have written for sketch comedy groups and festivals throughout New York City and co-founded a production company creating opportunities for women in comedy. 

Pre-pandemic, I wrote scripts for sketch comedy shows and digital shorts. During the pandemic, I started working on multiple screenplays and pilots.  Find some fun samples and works in progress below!

Sketch Comedy. Young 20-somethings. Female-forward storylines. 

I gravitate toward telling stories of heart-warming characters in comedy-rich situations. 

Get in touch to hear more about any of the loglines below.

Bride and Groom in Nature

Title: Till Death [work in progress]

How well can you really ever know somebody? James and Sophia fell in love at first sight. And as far as each of them is concerned, they’re each other’s perfect match. So what if “James” isn’t his real name. And so what if Sophia’s buried some deep-seeded family secrets.

Since arriving in New York City from Ireland, James has built a career from nothing, fallen in love, and found a new family. He won’t let some mistakes from his past get in the way of that. For Sophia, James came into her life at the perfect time - just as she was hoping to put some space between her and her family’s “business”. She has to make sure James never finds out where her family’s wealth comes from, or just how involved she was in their criminal enterprise. How quickly can a relationship go from the honeymoon phase to disaster with so many skeleton’s in the closet?

Read a sample scene.


Title: Rock Creek

Four risk-averse, good-natured 12-year girls set out on a mission to find a gangster's buried treasure - breaking out of summer camp and breaking all the rules to save one's family from bankruptcy.

Investigating how our sense of moral right and wrong is shaped by laws/rules, even at a young age. 

Read a sample scene here. 

Scaling the Rocks



Title: Roommate Intervention

Warning: Script contains major TV spoilers. 

Evergreen content with television samples that can be easily swapped out for more recent titles.

Read scene.


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